DIRECTOR: Jahmil X.T. Qubeka
WRITER: Jahmil X.T. Qubeka
CAST: Mandisa Nduna, Mothusi Magano, Faniswa Yisa
RUNTIME: 23:42mins


In a post-humanist world virtual reality is the highest commodity for a survivalist civilisation insatiably hungry to escape its own drudgery. Playing the Game of Life is reserved exclusively for the unseen elites and at the bottom of the food chain the workers are confined to mundane labour, their highest evolution being to graduate to the status of “watcher” where they are allowed to witness the simulated reality in an induced stupor.

Nobomi SX1 is unlike the other workers. Tasked with the study of the residue of humanity, she collects items society has long discarded. Mesmerized by a time long gone, a time she has never known, Nobomi SX1 devises an audacious plan to break free from the shackles of her dreary existence by embarking on a perilous quest to play the game herself, despite the fact that it may take her life in the process.

In order to enter the game Nobomi SX1 must find a hacker willing to trade with her and circumvent the firewalls created to prevent the layman from entering the game. Pursued by the deadly, authoritarian Sentinels, the journey is a near impossible one fraught with danger and almost certain death. Armed with a vintage machine gun, stolen gadgets and an indefatigable will, Nobomi SX1 traverses the seemingly post-industrial wasteland in search of a one-way ticket to another dimension.


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